Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Realtrac Releases NEW “Inspector Role” Feature in Realtrac 10 ERP

At Realtrac HQ, we are consistently developing new features and functions in our Shop Management System to help our customers become increasingly efficient and profitable. In fact, we have a major release of the Realtrac 10 client coming in. It’s easily the biggest, most comprehensive update we’ve ever had, so there’s a lot to talk about.

While we’re ecstatic about our newly redesigned invoicing interface—and many other new features—in this article we want to focus on our new feature: “Inspector Role”. With our increased focus on quality, this feature allows customers additional Inspector functions that can be captured on any part while tracking the costs.

The “Inspector Role” has been introduced for our customers who are currently in, or who are planning for, a quality system certification. This is a powerful tool to simplify some of the requirements. This feature adds traceability for customers who require “First Article” inspection, and it doesn’t require them to add an operation. This allows for verification of the inspection of a particular operation. Realtrac is: Real Time-Real Quick-Real Profits. The Realtrac software continues to be the simplest way to run your company, and this added feature helps keep your cost of quality down—while keeping profits up!

After the update, when you go to set up or change an employee, you’ll notice a new role titled INSPECTOR. You can assign this to anyone with the SHOP FLOOR role. When the INSPECTOR role is added, the shop floor employees will have some extra options when they log into an operation.
The employee, now with their INSPECTOR role, can choose to login normally—as though they are running the job, but they may also choose to login as if they are doing:

  • First Piece Inspection
  • Final Piece Inspection
  • In Process Inspection
  • Sorting
  • Receiving

When this user logs in via one of the special new logon types, that employee will show up with their name in a special gold color in the real-time Employee Status window. This indicates to everyone on the shop floor that this employee is doing a quality inspection on this specific job and operation. With a quick glance at our real-time interface, a supervisor or fellow employee across the shop can get an immediate update.

In the screenshot above, we see that the employee, “Inspector,” is logged in and performing a quality inspection.

We’ve improved every job costing report to break out the costs for all of these special logon types. This provides a key insight into one of the costs of quality for your shop.

In the sample Job Cost Summary report above, we see we’re running OP 10. Our SAW process took 37.78 hours and cost us $1689.75.

The first piece inspection that took place for OP 10 took 3/10th of an hour, and cost $17.40 for the labor and the employee’s test workstation.

We are confident that this simple feature, which is easy to implement and easy to use, can provide some key insights into your costs.

As always, we rely on our customer’s requests and insights for future developments and added functionality. Please reach out to your Realtrac sales rep for more information about this new release, and let them know what Realtrac can do to help make your shop more profitable!

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