Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Realtrac Performance ERP and Bluewater Investments & Management Consulting Firm Partner Announce Integrated Shop Software and Certified QMS System for Realtrac Customers

Realtrac is proud to partner with Michael Henderson as we assist our customers working towards multiple quality certifications. Michael helps companies become certified or compliant with all necessary certifications. By walking through each step, customers understand the entire process with a 100% success rate. Michael provides:

·      On-site training
·      Consulting
·      Management reviews
·      Internal audit training
·      Assistance with identifying management reps

He also provides additional audit training, and assists with identifying internal quality staff. Michael consults with customers across North America, incorporating QMS (Quality Management Systems) with their Realtrac systems. Customers are unique in terms of their certification needs. Time and costs are based upon the types of certifications needed, as well as the quantity of processes each organization has.

Michael Henderson received a B.S. in Quality Engineering from the University of Michigan, and is currently consulting for Bluewater Investments & Management, where he acts as president. A strong advocate for (QMS) quality management systems, he involves his clients in core QMS principles, including but not limited to:

·      Management Representative
·      Management Review
·      Supply Chain Management
·      Root Cause Analysis
·      Quality Manual Development
·      Procedure Writing and Implementation
·      Internal Auditing and Training
·      1 Piece Flow
·      Training for Top Management
·      Support for third-party audits

His professional interests, focus, and certifications are AS9100, ISO-9001, TS-16949, NQA-1, ISO14001, and ISO-17025. His current projects include consulting for NASA’s space suit facility, and assisting with ISO-14001 implementation, in addition to helping multiple organizations with zero QMS systems become certified. He also serves as Defense Chairman for IAQG/AAQG, and is a member of the G-14 committee. Michael was recently honored with the AAQG outstanding award for his contributions to writing the AS9100 standard.

Please contact Jeremy Klosowski at 734-793-3816, or by email at, for more information on how to start your quality certifications.


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