Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Realtrac Success Stories: Jacoby Custom Cues

Learn how Realtrac customers across the country, and across all types of industries, use the key features of this easy-to-use Enterprise Resource Planning system to make a real difference in their operations. Companies use different modules to meet their needs, but they all agree: this software is very effective. It is so easy to use that you do not need a company administrator or expert to help, and the return on investment is seen in a matter of weeks.

Read about how Jacoby Custom Cues uses Realtrac to better manage the processes of quoting the completion of all stages of custom work.

If you aren’t using Realtrac, you are sacrificing profit margins every day. Companies of all sizes need Realtrac to remain competitive and profitable.

Controlling Profitability Happens Right on Cue

Manufacturers of all types can benefit from great ERP software, no matter what they produce. Jacoby Custom Cues leverages both art and science to produce some of the finest, and certainly the most beautiful, pool cues in the world. Realtrac software allowed Dave Jacoby and his son Brandon to immediately improve profitability by better tracking the costs associated with each step of their production process.

Finding the Balance Point…

When thinking of small and medium sized manufacturers, most of us envision a family-owned machine shop turning out gears, pinions, and custom machined parts for huge machines. What do not often come to mind are high-end, custom pool cues.

Jacoby Custom Cues produces some of the finest cues in the world. Since their founding in 1982, they have won dozens of national and international awards for their craftsmanship and design. These custom cues are often designed for a specific individual and created for top performance and beauty.

The fine woodworking and inlays are only what you see on the outside. The core and workings on the inside of these amazing cues are every bit as elaborate. Dave Jacoby has always enjoyed pool, and as a hobby, bought and sold pool cues. One day, his cue manufacturer offered him a lathe to begin his own local pool cue repair

Mr. Jacoby went on to design and build custom pool cues. The business, like so many others, was started in his basement, with one machine. Today, Jacoby Custom Cues has three locations, fifteen full-time employees and over forty machines—making it one of the largest and finest pool cue manufacturers in the world.

No Sneaky Petes here…

Every Jacoby cue is literally a work of art and science. The detail and workmanship that goes into these award-winning cues is immediately obvious. It is the attention to detail, design, focus on process, and the right tools that make these cues so unique. In addition to the machines that are used to create these one-of-a-kind pool cues, Jacoby Custom Cues uses Realtrac ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software to ensure that their processes and costing are carefully monitored and controlled.

These pool cues are every bit as beautiful mechanically as they are aesthetically—which takes extraordinary attention to detail. These fine cues will never be mistaken for pool hall cues. The exotic woods, semi-precious stones, and fine metals that go into creating these cues are all carefully selected.

Inside, the finely machined core, weights and ferrule tenons create a pool cue that outperforms almost anything on the market, providing a superior playing experience. Jacoby’s customers range from some of the most well known professional pool players in the world to those who only play at home, but appreciate a truly fine pool cue. 

The Jacoby family can also claim some well-known celebrity customers, but discretion prevails: the family would just say that they are names everyone would instantly recognize. One customer even wrote the company to tell them he was so excited for the cues, that when they arrived he took a whole week off work. Now that is a satisfied customer!

Rack ‘em for success…

“I feel like I am still learning how Realtrac can improve our operations, but the easy setup and interface allowed us to start using the software right away.”

Jacoby Custom Cues produced about 2,000 cues last year, and usually has about one hundred jobs cued up at any given time—with over forty new orders coming in each month. But this extraordinary success and fast growth has presented challenges. 

Not only did the company need to move twice to bigger locations, but the complexities of managing thousands of custom orders each year meant that they needed an easy, fool-proof way to better control their operations. Mr. Jacoby found that as his business grew, his sales also grew, but that his profitability was not keeping pace. He had to find a reliable way to better cost and price his cues.

In 2013, Dave Jacoby and his team started using Realtrac, an industry leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Realtrac provides the Jacoby Custom Cues team with the tools to quote new business and manage their costs. Some high-end Jacoby pool cues can cost well over $10,000, so manufacturing costs matter. 

Even a few percentage points of improvement in cost drives hundreds of dollars to the bottom line. Realtrac also allows the Jacoby team to follow any individual cue through the entire manufacturing process, ensuring on-time deliveries and perfect quality.

“We immediately saw an improvement in our costing process, and in tracking our production, and with as fast as we are growing, Realtrac has made a big contribution to our processes and our profits right away.”

This attention to detail and profitability is what has allowed Jacoby Custom Cues to successfully grow. They use the right tools—whether to set a beautiful piece of malachite into burled maple or to manage their processes on the shop floor—the Jacobys control every detail almost effortlessly.

Jacoby Custom Cues services elite pool players from around the world. Every detail of the manufacturing process must be flawless to ensure that the completed cue not only looks beautiful but performs perfectly. Jacoby Custom Cues has been using Realtrac software for just a few months, but it has already made a difference.

You May Not Be a Pool Shark… But You Can Work Like One

Firms of all sizes can benefit from good ERP software, no matter what their product is. Even the smallest firms will realize a return on their investment within a few months. Every company needs an angle: that trick shot that will make them more productive and save them time and money. Become a “shark” within your own organization and adopt an easy-to-use Realtrac ERP system today.

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