Wednesday, May 20, 2015

ATTN: Manufacturing Industry – Real-Time Job Tracking Critical for HIGHER Profits!

Realtrac's Real-Time ERP System

As we all know, the practice of tracking time on jobs is critical to ensuring consistent profits. We speak with many shop owners who are frustrated with their out-of-control shop floors. These shops are generally (a) not tracking their time at all, or (b) using older, time-consuming processes like Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or Access databases.

Of course, the more time you spend recording time, the less time you have to physically run your shop floor. Also, this kind of manual entry (whether entered by a manager or employee) is often riddled with mistaken data. “Bad Data In, Bad Data Out,” in other words.

Realtrac Real-time ERP System and ERP SoftwareThe Realtrac Shop Management system uses the “Shop Floor Client:” a real-time window into the shop floor that allows managers to see which employees are using which machines on each job. View each job’s drawing number, operation number, run status, estimated and actual hours, or your employees and their log-on times. Get detailed information about jobs, work center loads and previous work sessions - actual times are color-coded for easy description. Anyone in the shop will immediately know if a job is on time, falling behind – or if it’s already late!

Realtrac ERP real-time ERP System
Realtrac customers receive immediate access to full shop floor control with mobile-optimized touch screen technology for PC’s, iPads and iPhones. No hand scanners to aim, no paper routers to carry around, and no manual input needed to access employees, jobs and operations. That’s right - Realtrac users can simply press the touch screen to record time, without entering the job, operation or employee numbers

Other systems on the market claim to use similar technology; however, they require you to enter the employee, job and operation. Plus, they aren’t mobile-optimized! We estimate our shop client is up to 10x faster collecting shop floor labor time than some of our competitors!

Contact us today for more information on how to regain control of your shop floor - increasing your customer satisfaction and profitability!

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Based in Livonia, Michigan, REALTRAC Performance ERP software is a manufacturing ERP software company specializing in ERP software for machine shops, job shops and make-to-order metal working manufacturers. The company was founded in the heart of a machine shop and has served the manufacturing industry for over three decades. The program is used by thousands of users across North America. REALTRAC 10 was released in March 2014.

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