Monday, April 13, 2015

Realtrac ERP Software at HaasTEC 2015

Realtrac Manufacturing ERP Software Haastec 2015It was a great opportunity for Realtrac ERP Software to be invited as an exhibiting vendor at HaasTEC 2015. Almost 3900 visitors saw the latest Haas CNC technology up close and in great detail, with 20 machines cutting metal. There were guided factory tours of the 1-Million-square-foot manufacturing facility – both above and on the production floor – to see how the Haas Team builds the machines. Attendees were able to visit with industry vendors for tooling, probing, ERP software, and more. These folks came from all over the world, and from many different demographics, ranging from University Studies to Aerospace to Military-Defense to Automotive and racing. Realtrac was 1 of 38 invited vendors that have a relationship with Haas Automation.

        “Haas put on a fantastic show,” stated Jeremy Klosowski, Director of Sales for Realtrac. “Not only was it great to be in the California sun for a week after shoveling through the Michigan snow, but we were able to meet with many different people from a vast array of manufacturing companies from all over the world.”

Realtrac was also represented by team members from across the country. Dean Gionis is the Regional Sales Manager based out of Realtrac ERP Software’s New York office, and he was very focused on creating new relationships with prospective customers. 

    “I was amazed at the great deal of excitement Haas created for this show,” Dean said. “Haas is an excellent company that has grown leaps and bounds over the last 20 years and I look forward to being back here at Haas Automation in 2017.”

Realtrac also was represented by their California office with Lead Software Technician Jim Dawson making the three hour trek up from Orange County.

Realtrac Manufacturing ERP Software HaasTecWhen asked, Jim said of his experience, “The factory tour was amazing. It was really neat to see Haas using their own machines to build more of their own machines.  Some even using robots to load raw material and unload finished parts running 24 hours, 6 days per week. I am really thankful that I was able to be a part of this show and see the this side of the process.”

Additionally, Realtrac was able to expand their relationship with Haas by being accepted into the Haas Technical Education Centers. “We are very excited about this opportunity and look forward to working with colleges, universities and high schools across the nation to use the Realtrac ERP software in their manufacturing curriculum,” said Jeremy Klosowski. “There is much work to do to get ready to get our software in the hands of these professors and teachers and we are thankful to Haas Automation for assisting us in the process.”

Realtrac ERP Software will also continue to coordinate with the Haas Factory Outlets across the United States and join them for hosted Open Houses, Trade Shows and additional opportunities.

As a testament to how Haas has helped business, Jeremy stated, “The Haas brand is very influential in the manufacturing industry and Realtrac is very proud to be able to join Haas in many different endeavors.”

Heading to any of the major trade shows this year? Come meet us! We have all of our upcoming shows listed here: Realtrac Manufacturing ERP Software Trade Shows


About REALTRAC | Based in Livonia, Michigan, REALTRAC Performance ERP is a manufacturing ERP software company specializing in manufacturing software for machine shops, job shops and make-to- order metal working manufacturers. The company was founded in the heart of a machine shop and has served the manufacturing industry for over three decades. The program is used by thousands of users across North America. REALTRAC 10 was released in March 2014.


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