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Machine Shop Grows While Maintaining Control - Realtrac ERP Software

East Side Machine relies on Realtrac and QuickBooks for shop and job management.

Customer Profile:

East Side Machine, located in Webster, NY, has been providing CNC turning, milling and other precision machining services since 1984, serving primarily the mass transit, medical, aerospace and motion control industries. Working from customer supplied engineered drawings, the job shop produces each part according to specifications. Today, with over 30 shop employees, East Side has built a reputation for high quality and on-time delivery, resulting in numerous repeat orders and highly satisfied customers.

"Realtrac has been a significant part of the reason we have been able to grow. I would recommend the system for small and medium size job shops to help get better control and for Real-Time management of jobs."
-Paul Derleth, President

Business Challenge:

In 1993, East Side had grown to an 18 employee ship and realized that is manual methods of managing the shop were no longer adequate if growth were to continue without sacrificing quality and customer service. ERP software was needed to assist in: tracking jobs, managing deliveries and providing accurate job costing. It was also beginning to become apparent that manual bookkeeping and accounting procedures could no longer provide the accurate and timely financial control that was necessary for a growing company.

"Realtrac and QuickBooks have helped our company become more efficient and profitable. The customer support that we have received over the years for both products has been excellent"
-Paul Derleth, President

Solution Overview:

East Side Machine evaluated several ERP software products before selecting a system. Realtrac was chosen because of its versatility in offering various options, its ability to track jobs in Real-Time and its purchasing and inventory features, especially designed for job shops. Realtrac's ease of use and quick implementation was also a major factor.

QuickBooks Pro accounting software was installed in 1995 upon recommendation of East Side's accountant because it integrated smoothly with Realtrac, was extremely user friendly and offered great customer support.

Business Benefits:

Realtrac helped East Side get the job shop software up and running very quickly and the benefits were realized almost immediately. Processing of customer orders were expedited and the status of current jobs became available in Real-Time. Machine bottlenecks could be predicted ahead of time allowing the company to better manage delivery schedules. Realtrac's Real-Time job costing feature became an important aid in predicting profitability and managing the purchasing of material and outside services became more efficient.

Implementation of Realtrac also aided greatly in East Side obtaining its ISO 9000 certification. The process plans, inspection results, employee job transactions, material purchases and all the activity from time of order to the actual delivery is accurately tracked.

According to Pat Latona, East Side's Office Manager, "the integration of Realtrac with QuickBooks has saved me a ton of time." Customer invoices are now generated and emailed or printed in Realtrac and automatically posted to QuickBooks, eliminating any duplicated entries. The control for the company's accounts receivables has greatly improved and with QuickBooks, the preparation of general ledger trial balances and other reports has been simplified.

Realtrac and QuickBooks financial software work together to help simplify your business management. QuickBooks financial software helps you get it done faster, with a new home page, simplified customer and vendor centers and sophisticated business planning tools.

For more information visit: www.realtrac.com

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