Monday, April 7, 2014

REALTRAC ERP Software: New Owner, New Direction.

Embracing Change Creates Real Results in Real Time, Real Quick.

What’s the best business decision you ever made? Sometimes as a small business owner, we can get too set in our ways and become very blurred in the way we view expansion. Despite my kicking and screaming on many occasions, I knew that we had to make some enormous strides in the way we operated our business in the growing world of technology. So, 24 years ago, the best decision I made was that I spent 6-percent of that year’s sales and 100-percent of its profits and drove my company into the 21st century.
Fast forward to 2014.  Because of that decision: I now have an 8-thousand-percent increase in profits and four more companies in my portfolio. So, instead of having to spend all of my hours managing my companies, I spend the majority of my time determining what I want to do next. By embracing change, this is how I did it…

In 1989, I made the decision to purchase a ERP system to help guide my business. At the time, my company was a 10-person manufacturing supplier for the automotive industry. After much research, I chose the Realtrac Performance ERP System. I reached out to Realtrac and learned the power of the job shop software from sales representative, Don Colley. (Don is still with Realtrac today). The return on this investment was realized in just 90 days.
To stay in business, a business must make profits. The Realtrac ERP System helped guide us to increased revenue with higher profits. Realtrac improved our operational efficiency, reduced costs and increased productivity.  It showed us where our opportunities for growth existed. Efficiency comes from doing more of what’s most profitable in your business and less of what’s least profitable. This analysis of our company was enlightening and gave us greater clarity in our direction.

Every customer is demanding. They all want a “Quality product, On time, Every time”. I run my companies with this being the premise.   We are built upon truth, integrity and honesty.  We take great pride in our quality. Realtrac is a fast, real time system that developed our true employee and machine costing which in turn allowed us to estimate and quote more effectively and efficiently.
With the machine loading software, we were able to track and manage jobs flowing through our shop, which made us more operationally sound. It also gave us the confidence to win more sales, buy more equipment and hire more staff. Our company continued on this path and over the past 24 years the only thing that has not changed in our company was our software system, Realtrac. This is a testament to its performance.   It stood the test of time.  But companies need to stay fresh and move forward as new technologies, equipment and opportunities emerge.

The manufacturing ERP software was built in the early 1980s by a machine shop owner.  It then went to the open market.  I wanted the software back in the hands of a machine shop owner, so it could adapt to the changes of the industry by using current business trends. I reached out to the owner to buy the company.  Finally in 2012, I got the opportunity to make it mine.

I believe Realtrac is the main reason for our success. The decision to buy the company was not to expand a business unit.  It was to share what it has done for us.  Realtrac was bought out of passion, desire and knowing it was good - but that it could be great. I have set out to make that happen.
Moving the company to Michigan and hiring the best programmers was the first step. Secondly, we formed a steering committee comprised of key personnel, who were current users from within our manufacturing group and many of Realtrac’s current customers. This group established our short term goal: To make the software even faster, even more powerful and built upon excellent business practices. “Easy is quick, quick is profitable”!

With an underlying message of, “creating a platform that allows you to run your software instead of allowing it to run you”, our team has created a completely integrated, state-of-the-art manufacturing ERP system.  It will allow companies a quick and easy transition while reducing the stress related to your daily business
Realtrac 10 is “Real Quick, in Real Time, with Real Profits”. It will assist your entire operation, from management to inventories to implementation.  It will also play a significant role in improving your business efficiencies by reducing your costs and optimizing your business’s performance.

This sophisticated ERP system has greater functionality and flexibility while maintaining its speed and ease of use. As one of our Beta Site customers so eloquently stated, “This is awesome, we are very excited to fully implement this next generation of Realtrac software.” I am so proud to launch our new and improved machine shop ERP software and firmly believe that with REALTRAC at the helm, your company will soar to new heights.
Take your business to the checkered flag and WIN the business race, like I did. To learn more about Realtrac, call us today at (734) 793-3811. We will assist you in identifying your key requirements and challenges and then align Realtrac ERP solutions to give you the horsepower needed to WIN your business race!

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Bob Sakuta
Owner of Realtrac and the Delta family of companies.


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