Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Make Production Decisions In Five Seconds or Less With the Realtrac Jobs Dashboard

Realtrac features an extremely powerful Jobs dashboard that provides real-time information on production and customer orders. The Realtrac dashboard allows the user to quickly identify problem jobs and easily drill-down (filter) information by up to 27 fields, including customer, drawing number, part number, job number, due date, PO number, current operation (location), and more. Color-coded data (red, green) highlight any problematic issues, including operations behind schedule.

The dashboard includes a yellow row for data entry, located at the top of the form, which is used to filter information. For example, if you enter a customer name (or part of a customer name), our dynamic search function will immediately narrow the dashboard results to only that customer. You can also filter multiple fields, like jobs by customer PO number, which are due that week; jobs currently in shipping (to prompt an invoice to your customer); jobs at outside subcontracting, and more. The dashboard also allows users to search on closed jobs. 

Use this historical information to view the profitability and routing of previous jobs and help improve your manufacturing.

The jobs dashboard is a comprehensive scrollable list of information. One great time-saving feature is the preview function: when you hover the mouse pointer over the job number in the dashboard, a yellow preview window will appear, providing full information about that job!

The Jobs Dashboard screen, which is unique to Realtrac, is an invaluable tool that provides real time information about the status of your jobs – without requiring you to walk and inspect your shop!

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