Monday, December 16, 2013

The Top Ten Reasons for Your Company to Use REALTRAC ERP Software as Your Pace Car!

The Top Ten reasons for your company to use REALTRAC as your Pace Car!
  1. Pole Position REALTRAC will give you the power to be the leader of the pack in your industry by being recognized as the best in quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.
  2. Analysis – REALTRAC will show you an analysis of your company. A grandstand view of each customer, each vendor and each product line or service – What you find may be surprising, but your investment will quickly pay off.
  3. Profitability – Owners constantly look for ways to change or adapt their business for maximum profitability. REALTRAC gives you a view of your income and expenses which allows you to measure your current and past profitability and project future profitability. This allows you to analyze and assess your current status which in turn helps you make the decisions for a maximum Return on your Investment.
  4. Growth – The sole purpose of a business is to grow. Companies grow organically because needs change all the time. REALTRAC offers a synopsis of your company’s structure. Shows you where opportunities for growth exist and gives you the confidence to make those big decisions that every owner has to make.
  5. Pit Crew – REALTRAC is the industry leader in product support. With over 50 years of experience our Account Specialists and Tech support team are unparalleled. They will offer you the guidance and confidence for maximum usage of the REALTRAC machine shop software.
  6. Efficiency – REALTRAC allows you to find new ways to optimize operational efficiency in order to increase productivity and reduce costs. REALTRAC gives you Real Time access to information so that owners can identify key requirements and challenges on the fly and then align solutions to make solid business decisions without delay.
  7. Leverage – Being in business is about teamwork. Leverage your staff and employees by allowing REALTRAC to give them the confidence about the role they are performing, its importance and clarity about the benefits to be gained if they deliver, then you’ll see productivity soar.
  8. Tracking – With REALTRAC, whether its sales estimates or shipping, you have much less of your business to manage. REALTRAC assists the status of your entire operation; from management to inventories to implementation.
  9. REAL TIME – REALTRAC is Real Quick in Real Time with Real Profits. The job shop software plays a significant role in improving your business by giving you access to real-time manufacturing data to improve operational and personnel decision making, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.
  10. Finish Line – REALTRAC gives your business the much needed horsepower to win the race to the checkered flag by optimizing your business’s performance. This leads to more profits, revenues, market share and brand influence.
Join the REALTRAC family and WIN the business race today!

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